Tuesday December 15, 2009

Hot mags

Mosman Library subscribes to a number of magazines on your behalf. They’re all available on the main floor, conveniently by the couches, and can be loaned for three weeks.

We asked the librarians and staff what they liked to read…

Darren and Jacqui read Empire for its movie news and reviews. Both like that it covers a wide range of film, not just mainstream. Jacqui uses it as a bluffer’s guide for movies she’s not seen. She also checks Good Reading for its book suggestions (her sister picks all her books to read from it).

Shona also uses Good Reading to stay informed about new novels, which she often uses for her book club. She also recommends Australian House & Garden – this magazine shows some interesting interior design styles – and Time Magazine which offers some in-depth stories on current affairs from around the world. Gourmet has interesting recipes though not always easy to cook!

Jill rates Australian Book Review, Australia’s oldest and premier literary review, for its coverage of local books and poetry. It also puts out great ‘best book lists’ at the end of the year.

Bernard picks Paris Match for its mix of vivid photo journalism and ‘des photos glamour.’ He reads Country Life for the articles (a pleasing blend of art, heritage, the natural sciences and hunting).

Ashleigh’s favourite magazines are Vogue Australia and New Scientist. Vogue Australia has lovely fashion shoots and is beautifully presented. For “fashionistas” it is an absolute delight. There is also information on recently released books and movies. New Scientist contains interesting information on a range of scientific issues. It is written in a fairly easy to read manner but is very reputable and has up to date information in it. Everything from time travel to organ transplants to our solar system is covered in it!

Darragh likes History Today. Articles focus on various historical events or themes. For the student or teacher of history or professional or amateur historian. “What happened then matters now.” Interesting reading. The Far Eastern Economic review focuses on big picture issues to do with our Northern neighbours. Not just economic but political, social, cultural and historical. Also recommended is ECOS Magazine – Towards A Sustainable Future – ‘cause it’s all about sustainability… “Can a parrot get justice under a Regional Forest Agreement?” – read the article and find out…!

Pick up your favourite magazine at Mosman Library today.

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