Friday January 13, 2006

Be a part of PictureAustralia

Flickr is a popular and innovative photo sharing website that contains more than 70 million images from contributors all over the world. The site’s two million users presently add a new image to the site every four seconds.

Anybody can add photographs to Flickr quickly and easily, marking them with descriptions and tags so they can be archived correctly and retrieved at a later date by other visitors. These create interesting linkages between similar and unexpected images. Users can also contribute to group pools, where photos of a similar topic or style are shared.

The National Library of Australia’s PictureAustralia service is taking advantage of this ever-growing resource to capture contemporary views of Australia.

Which is where you come in…

Add your photos to this important collection

PictureAustralia invites all Flickr members to add their images with an Australian theme to these groups to be made accessible through PictureAustralia:

‘People, places and events’ photo pool
The PictureAustralia: People, places and events group is a collection of images depicting the people, places, and events, which make Australia unique.

‘Australia Day’ photo pool
The PictureAustralia: Australia Day group is a collection of images relating to this day of national significance.

By adding images to this group, individuals are able to contribute to and enrich a valuable collection which has so far been the sole domain of large collecting institutions. This is done by collecting the metadata and thumbnails from this group and loading them into PictureAustralia each week.

PictureAustralia provides access to over 1 million primarily historical images focusing on Australia and Australiana from major collecting institutions.

More Information

If you would like more information, please see the PictureAustralia website or email

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