Monday February 14, 2011

Hack your library in 2011

“Collaboration is the key to liberating our content” said Anna Raunik, State Library of Queensland, when she launched the Libraryhack competition at Information Online 2011.

Libraries have vast collections of books, newspapers, music, photographs, maps and more, and have always made their collections available for anyone to access. Libraryhack is about making library collections even more accessible by releasing library data in easily mashable formats for re-use by anyone. We want our communities of users to be free to use our data and other freely accessible data in new and innovative ways.

The National Library’s Australian newspapers digitisation program has shown the importance of crowdsourcing and collaboration for the future of cultural institutions and collections.

Now Libraryhack aims to kickstart data sharing and re-use across the wider library world by holding a mashup competition with great prizes for apps and ideas that demonstrate creative use of library data and digital content. The Libraryhack competition will take place in May during Library & Information Week with mashup and hack events to be held across Australia.

So what is a mashup? Check out the resources page on the Libraryhack website.

Libraryhack is not just for coders. Anyone can submit an idea to the ideas competition. Your deadline is 30 April 2011, and that contest is open now.

Libraryhack is being run by the National, State and Territory libraries of Australia and New Zealand. Check their website, follow @libraryhack2011 on Twitter or link up on Facebook.

Do you have an idea for a Mosman hack or app?

Email us if you’d like to collaborate, or if you want to request data be made available.

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