Thursday May 26, 2011

Oh what a night...

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Well the night had finally arrived, the launch of Mosman Faces, the website goes live and we can all collapse in a heap – but not for long as after all we are out there spreading the message that Mosman’s story is alive and we need you to help us tell it – and tell us they did!

Late afternoon and Bernard had the website all set up, the videos were being slowly uploaded, put my glad rags on and speech rehearsed… 5:40 time was ticking on and no alcohol. A phone call confirmed the worst, they’d got the day wrong aaahhh but said they could get the drink, ice and glasses there by 6:30 and indeed they did even if it was the neighbouring pizza delivery boy who obliged rather than the cellar man!

Abundance of food, a lot of people, a bit of music but no filmmaker! Again time was ticking by and by – the big screen was set up and so was the website, it looked great but there were no moving pictures on the big screen so it was time for a bit of old fashioned entertainment…

We had the music, we had the food and we had the wine now we needed some words … I started the ball rolling with a thank you to all and this was followed by the Mayor Anne Connon who spoke about the Mosman Faces project and launched the website …

This could have been it, as we had no trailer as we had no filmmaker, but I said to the Mayor, ‘maybe we should get people to share their stories?’ She said ‘yes, yes!’ and so it was on!

We opened up the floor to stories of Mosman, one story led to another, slow to start at first but one person’s memories would trigger another – all united in their love for living in, working in and growing up in Mosman.

Pitt’s Cake Shop, the Island, Bakewell’s Folly, jitterbugging at The Barn, Middle Head, selling ice creams at Balmoral…

A little theatre and of course a little poetry from Paul Delprat as he encouraged the crowd to go home and scribble down those words those memories…

And words of wisdom from Barry O’Keefe who reminded us that history isn’t just the past, history is today, it is now.

A lively night – these people didn’t need entertainment they provided their own and no doubt we will be hearing from them soon to add another chapter to their story, Mosman’s story.

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