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So far this year the Thursday Kids have been celebrating the National Year of Reading in loads of different ways.

We’ve made our own pictures for The Very Hungry Caterpillar, made book covers out of felt, created some Gumnut Babies to take home as well as heaps of other awesome things. But last week was the best one so far – we talked about books without words.

Books without WORDS you say? That’s exactly what the kids said! How do you READ a book if it doesn’t have any words?!??! We “read” The Red Book by Barbara Lehman, and looked at some other picture books without words like No! by Marta Altes and The Hero of Little Street by Gregory Rogers.

At first the Kids thought it would be super easy to make a book-without-words, but then they thought about all the little extra things you have to put into each picture to help tell the story and they decided it would be much easier WITH the help of words.

The best of all the books-without-words were Zoom and Re-zoom by Istvan Banyai. These start off with one picture, and when you turn the page the picture is a zoomed out version of the previous page. Each picture zooms a little bit further out to give you a little bit more information. The more pages you turn the further back the pictures “zoom” out. Just when you think you’ve figured out the pictures – it changes!

The kids had a lot of fun trying to guess what the next page was going to be. You might think the picture of the man watching TV is in the middle of the desert, but then you turn the page and realise he is just a picture on a stamp. They are so clever and take the imagination on such a wild ride that we decided to make our own “zoomed” pictures.

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The Thursday Kids made zoomed-out pictures of each of the different pages in the books and became so excited and engrossed in their “zooming” that many of the kids made several pages. Some even decided to continue at home and make their own “Zoom” books!

Awesome – Thanks Istvan Banyai for your inspiring works!

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