Thursday June 7, 2012

Changes in the Reference Library

Children's Reference section Mosman Library, 1947.

Children’s Reference section Mosman Library, 1947.

You may have noticed some changes to the Reference Library in May when we moved the Reference Collection to shelves around the walls opening up a large space in the middle of the Reference Area. Well, there are even more changes to come!

We are also removing the large Reference Desk and moving the staff contact point to a smaller desk and a more visible location to provide even better service.

With these changes there will be more space to read, study and use the wireless internet service. We know how crowded it can be, especially during HSC and University exam times and the larger reading/studying areas will make the Library an even more comfortable space for everyone. It will also provide a larger and improved space for our regular Author Evenings.

New furniture is also coming, aiming to provide you with more seating options. There will be smaller tables, new lounge furniture and specially designed units for laptop use.

The new furniture will be installed at the end of June. Please let us know what you think when it is all up and running.

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