Wednesday August 8, 2012

Local Public Libraries are doing it for themselves!

Taronga Zoo pottery souvenir of a koala on a trunk made by Grace Seccombe

For many years state and national libraries have been considered the appropriate repository for historical materials.

This is no longer so!

A stroll around any suburban public libraries shows a pride and awareness of the social and historical significance of the local community.

Local libraries are active in finding, collecting and storing information about the community’s history. Collections include newspapers, photographs, diaries, personal memories, architectural plans, ephemera, recorded interviews, clothing, pottery and artwork about or created by residents – past and present.

Collecting doesn’t only focus on the local area as many residents have achieved notoriety and success outside their community.

Local libraries now collect materials of state and national importance.

By thinking globally and acting locally the librarian’s chatelaine no longer has a key and cabinets are unlocked. Using the latest technology and social media collections are being rediscovered by those who walk into the library or live on the other side of the world.

Nothing is hidden and nothing is lost – we can now see so much more of the valuable resources that can be found in the local library.

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