Thursday May 11, 2006

Share your stories and photos of the streets of Mosman

Children outside 'Windsor Court', a block of flats on the western side of Musgrave Street, looking towards Cremorne and the city. (Carroll Collection)

My street. Our street. The street where I grew up. My grandparent’s street. The street where my best friend lived.

These statements have a personal significance for many of us as the place where we grew up provided us with our first sense of place and of community. It is often the beginning of our personal story.

Do you have memories of a Mosman street that has been special to you?

If so, we would like residents, old and new, to share stories and photos of their street in Mosman on our new website,

In Mosman we are fortunate to have a record of the history of the local streets and how they were named thanks to Jack Carroll’s book, The Streets of Mosman.

However, there are a few things that are unknown about the streets of Mosman.

How have the streets of Mosman been used by residents throughout the decades? How did residents view their street? Has the manner in which residents use their street changed over the decades? Do children still play in the street? Is there a sense of neighbourhood in your street?

The aim of Mosman Memories of Your Street is to answer these questions and to fill this gap in the recorded history of Mosman.

It is hoped that this project will become a major dynamic historical resource that can be easily viewed and used by anyone. We want to capture the local memories that are quickly disappearing.

This is an opportunity for you to tell us why your street was, or is, important.

What it was like growing-up in your street? How did you use the street? Did you play in the street? What did you play? How did your neighbours use the street? Did people gather in the street in the evenings? Were stories passed down through your family or neighbours about your street? What buildings or houses were in your street?

If you have a memory that you wish to share just register on the site and follow the prompts. Or if you prefer, send your story to the Local Studies Librarian and it will be placed on the net on your behalf.

Please visit

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