Friday April 15, 2016

Take 1, take 2, take 3 and it's a wrap!

Mosman faces filming for Patrick Leahy

Mosman faces filming for Patrick Leahy

Patrick Leahy’s story, our latest addition to Mosman Faces , was put to film last Wednesday 6 April.

Patrick Leahy started his real estate business in Mosman way back in 1890 and it still exists today as P.Leahy Pty Ltd, the longest running business in Mosman and still in the same family. Now that’s a Mosman story worth celebrating.

Rowan Carroll, Helen Tennant and Edwina Carroll

The cameras rolled and long term clients, friends, family members and former employees, including Helen Tennant who worked there for 38 years, shared their reminiscences.

Patrick Leahy’s story is being brought to life with these filmed interviews, photographs from Mosman Library’s Local Studies Digital Archive , and a narration on Patrick Leahy’s early days.

All will be revealed later in the year so stay tuned to our Mosman Faces website for a story of one family’s survival in the bust and boom of Mosman real estate.

In the meantime any P.Leahy memorabilia such as photos, house valuations, and rent receipts are welcome to add to this unique Mosman story.

For more information contact Mary Lou Byrne

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