Monday April 21, 2008

Community Directory upgraded

Our Community Directory is the best way to find contact details for community services and facilities in Mosman and around Sydney.

Mosman-area information is maintained by our Community Information Librarians as part of LINCS (Local Information Network for Community Services), a partnership of over 30 local councils, state government departments and community organisations.

Some examples

  • Search on “Mosman soccer” and get details for Mosman Soccer Club
  • Search for “childcare” and get a list of local facilities as well as “Phone based services (4), Home delivered services (1) and Web sites (1)”
  • Search on “pounds” to get Cremorne Veterinary Hospital (Mosman) but also the other nearest facilities – North Shore Veterinary Hospital & Specialist Centre (Crows Nest), Belmore Veterinary Hospital (Belmore) and Thornleigh Dog and Animal Pound (Thornleigh)
  • Click on categories “Accommodation” then “Retirement Accommodation” to get a list of local retirement villages

The search is based on your location!

Search results closest to your location are shown first, followed by records for organisations or groups nearby and then records from the rest of the database.

That’s why you enter your location as the first step to accessing the Directory.

Help keep it up to date

If you know about any new organisations, or changes to existing organisations in the Directory, please let us know.

Access the Community Directory.

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