Friday January 23, 2009

Blogging Information Online 2009

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Some of the Mosman Library team attended this year’s Australian Library and Information Association conference. We’ll be bringing you their thoughts on the talks and ideas presented at Information Online.

Here are a few points to ponder. These were raised by Andy Hines (Futurist) in his Keynote Address Anticipating the future of librarians: understanding trends and staying relevant in the digital age.

  • We are in a transitional period between the modern world and the postmodern world
  • People can’t be categorised into age groups anymore – there are non retirees busy backpacking, volunteering, taking classes etc. etc. and young people who are busy backpacking, volunteering, taking classes etc. etc.
  • Teens realise they can’t do anything globally so they want to make a difference in small ways in their communities e.g. volunteering
  • With advances in technology more and more people will work from home
  • Employee deals will have to be customised to individuals to attract and keep good workers
  • With proper planning libraries could become the 3rd place for home/office workers, telecommuters and business travelers to work from
  • There is a feeling of ‘enoughness already’ – too much of everything – people want to simplify and pare down
  • No trust in big institutions – only libraries retain a vestige of trust
  • There is a feeling of localisation – growers markets are popular – people want to know where their food is coming from and support small not big
  • The future looks bright!

Jane B, Information Services Librarian, at Information Online #io2009

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