Thursday July 16, 2009

Introducing Social Media Mob – Mosman

We’re going to publicise soon a date for a social media meetup at Mosman Library. Hopefully it’ll be the first of many. But before we do, we’d like to put the idea out there and invite your comment.

Birmingham’s social media surgeries are the model we’re working off. It’s an opportunity for neighbourhoods, community groups and local residents to help each other communicate, organise and just do things online.

Mosman Library would like to facilitate this sharing of information and experience at a local level. It’s also a goal of Mosman Council’s Community Engagement Strategy.

Right now we’re looking for ‘social media champions’ – people who are already talking, sharing and doing stuff online, and who might like to drop in and work with those interested in setting up a blog, podcast or social network for their community or group.

The structure is informal – no presentations or talks, just small group or one-on-one discussion with an emphasis on practical examples and advice.

We’ll host the first few meetups in the Library, where we have a meeting room, WiFi and PCs with internet access. It’s likely to be on a Thursday evening, 6-8pm. (Would mornings be better?)

What do you think? Want to be a part of it?

Leave a comment, tweet at mosmancouncil (hashtag #smmm) or email Bernard

Image credit: Wendy Vismans for Wildcare Alice Springs CC BY-NC 2.5

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