Thursday June 7, 2012

Changes in the Reference Library

Children's Reference section Mosman Library, 1947.

Children’s Reference section Mosman Library, 1947.

You may have noticed some changes to the Reference Library in May when we moved the Reference Collection to shelves around the walls opening up a large space in the middle of the Reference Area. Well, there are even more changes to come!

We are also removing the large Reference Desk and moving the staff contact point to a smaller desk and a more visible location to provide even better service.

With these changes there will be more space to read, study and use the wireless internet service. We know how crowded it can be, especially during HSC and University exam times and the larger reading/studying areas will make the Library an even more comfortable space for everyone. It will also provide a larger and improved space for our regular Author Evenings.

New furniture is also coming, aiming to provide you with more seating options. There will be smaller tables, new lounge furniture and specially designed units for laptop use.

The new furniture will be installed at the end of June. Please let us know what you think when it is all up and running.

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Wednesday June 6, 2012

Library News & Views - Winter 2012

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Wednesday June 6, 2012

Our Big Day In

Noah the Dinosaur

Saturday 26 May turned out to be a big day out for the many Mosman residents who joined in the celebrations on Saturday.


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Friday May 11, 2012



So far this year the Thursday Kids have been celebrating the National Year of Reading in loads of different ways.


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Wednesday May 9, 2012

Seuss-Mania @ Mosman Library!!!

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Mosman Library was struck down by a serious case of Seuss-Mania during the April school holidays which saw kids from far and wide suffering mild to severe symptoms including laughing out loud, periods of creativity, imaginative outbursts and prolonged episodes of reading! What could possibly have brought on this terrible affliction you ask? Well let’s just say The National Year of Reading 2012 just may have had something to do with it.


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Thursday April 26, 2012

Panic: David Marr at Mosman Library

Cronulla. Henson. Hanson. Wik. Haneef. The boats… Award-winning journalist and writer David Marr brings you ‘dispatches from the republic of panic.’

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Monday March 26, 2012

Mosman Faces is back...

You may remember in May last year our newest website in Local Studies – Mosman Faces – was launched.

In the first series of Mosman Faces ten people told their stories, stories that have shaped the Mosman community.

These stories were presented as filmed interviews on the web and complemented by images from the Local Studies collection.

We aim to build on these interviews and images, not only through your responses, but also through further interviews and this is what we did last Tuesday.

Once again we used the film making skills of Damon from Filmview, Donna Braye, the Local Studies Librarian for images and prompting and me to ask the curly questions to Kenneth Dryland and Diane Wachman.

For those of you who don’t know these names, Kenneth Dryland, besides being the late Dame Joan Sutherland’s hairdresser for over 50 years and Mosman’s 1982 Citizen of the Year, was the director of the inaugural Festival of Mosman in 1981 and continued to direct this major event until 1997.

Diane Wachman, born and bred in Mosman, was also an active and integral member of the Festival of Mosman committee until 1997 and then her skills were snapped up by the newly formed Mosman Art Gallery.

Kenneth Dryland believes Mosman was the first municipality in a major Australian city to hold such an event, it brought the Mosman community together and put Mosman on the map for arts and entertainment.

Kenneth and Diane relived the activities both before and during the seven festivals they worked on together, the Grand Parade, the Opera Concerts, the Twilight Venetian festival and more…

Stay tuned for these lively additions to Mosman Faces but we need YOUR help too.

To add to the entertainment of the ‘Faces’ we need your home movies from this festival era of 1981-1996 and the footage can be in any format, DVD, VHS, USB and film reel.

If you can help please contact Mary Lou Byrne on 9978 4097 or


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Wednesday March 7, 2012

Library News & Views - Autumn 2012

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Tuesday March 6, 2012

Two exciting local history donations

Many important materials held in the Local Studies collection have been donated. The first major donation of photographs and maps, collected by Dalton Jack Carroll, were given to the Library in the 1950s.

Since then we continue to receive photographs, ephemera, personal papers, plans, community archives and so much more. However, two recent donations have caused some excitement.

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Mosman had a number of stone quarries from the mid-19th century including those belonging to Richard Hayes Hartnett at Mosman Bay, Ed Ritchie’s on Wyong Road, A J. McDougall’s Clifton Gardens Quarry and others on Avenue Road and at The Spit. A local kindly donated some quarryman’s tools she had purchased at garage sale in the 1970s. They came from descendants of the workman, who owned these tools, and who had worked as a stonemason at Hartnett’s Quarries. These are on view in the library.

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Mosman Library holds an extensive, but incomplete, set of the Mosman Daily dating from 1917. The library recently received a donation of a bound volume of The (Mosman) Daily from January to June 1923. This volume has now been microfilmed as a means of preserving the original paper and allowing people to read the microfilmed copy.

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Friday February 24, 2012

What all these things do

We had a great workshop in the library last night with Ed Mitchell. Thank you for coming along and bringing your questions.

Ed has kindly forwarded some links relevant to our discussion:

Remember that if you have questions about specific web tools or strategies, get in touch and we ‘ll look at some practical hands-on sessions.

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