Monday January 4, 2010

Plain language guides to the law

Mosman Library is part of a statewide initiative of the Law and Justice Foundation of NSW and the State Library of NSW that provides free access to legal information for the community. In our reference section you have access to a regularly updated collection of plain language books about the law.

Now some of the most well used and useful Tool Kit titles have been put on the Find Legal Answers website in full text:

  • Defend yourself: facing a charge in court
    A practical guide to defending a criminal charge in court which covers arrest and questioning, bail, dealing with lawyers, court procedure, how to plead, hearings and trials, preparation, evidence, proof, examination in court, sentencing, and appeals.
  • Guilty your honour: representing yourself in NSW when charged with drink driving
    A practical guide to defending a drink driving charge. Examines the offence and penalties, whether to plead guilty, whether to get a lawyer, how to prepare for court, and what happens on the day of court.
  • Guide to wills and estates
    A practical guide to the creation of wills, changing, revoking, or challenging a will, rights of creditors and beneficiaries to a will, probate and intestacy, and legal fees.

Having these books online is a great step, as it allows you easy access to some fantastic legal resources.

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