Friday February 26, 2010

Search the local paper from your PC

The Mosman Daily has been publishing on the web for a year or two now. If you want to find or share a story, Google Search can be a quick and effective tool. Especially if you use the “site:” query. For example, coffee will return results for the keyword ‘coffee’ from The Mosman Daily domain only.

But not everything that appears in the printed edition is published on the web. The letters page, for example. But there is a way to search these online.

Electric Library is a database that offers more than 2,000 full-text sources, including magazines, newspapers, books, television/radio transcripts, maps, pictures, and audio/video clips. You can access Electric Library from home or work using your Mosman Library card. (Remember that your Mosman Library card starts with a capital X!)

Electric Library gives you access to Australian newspapers in full text including The Mosman Daily, Manly Daily and other Cumberland newspapers. Mosman’s local paper is available on Electric Library the day after it is published (usually Friday) and is indexed back to July 2001.

You can also search the Australia/NZ Reference Centre with your Library card. ANZ Reference Centre is a general database of Australian and international content with articles in health, current affairs, science, social science, business and literature.

Tim, our Lending & Information Services Officer, built this search box for direct access:

Search The Mosman Daily on ANZRC

Need to go back further? Mosman Library holds copies of The Mosman Daily from 1920 and each issue has been indexed so that articles can be located.

Mosman Library offers its members access to many other free online databases. See what’s available.

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