Wednesday June 29, 2011

Help- My assignment is due tomorrow!

I’m sorry to tell you, but there are only so many books out there, and if you’ve left it too late, you will probably find that all the books in the library have been taken. But don’t worry- Mosman Library is still here to help you find what you need!

A good starting point is to make use of the online resources on the Mosman Library website- you can access many of these from home using your Library card.

Encyclopedia Britannica online will give you a good overview of most topics. The online format is highly interactive and you have the option of searching in “Junior” or “Student” mode, which breaks down the information into a form suitable for children. Each article also contains links to expand your research, and pictures and multimedia to use for your projects.

Other electronic resources available from home are an Australian History database, and Electric Library which gives you access to a large selection of newspaper archives (including the Mosman Daily), photographs, sound and video recordings.

The key to making the most of the web for research is to make sure you choose information from a reliable source. Most Government Departments have an education section, with information developed for students, often with interactive games and factsheets, and lots of links to resources designed specifically for syllabus topics.

For example, If studying Antarctica, try the Australian Antarctic Division, for Environment and global warming issues, try the Department of Climate Change.

Also try websites for museums, historic sites and other cultural institutions as many of these are excellent organisations with very informative websites suitable for children. Here are just a few, but there are many, many more!

The NSW Board of Studies also has a range of partner websites that address subjects studied by students, such as Multiculturalism, World Wars I and II, Anzac Day, Vietnam War and more.

There is a librarian on duty in the Children’s Library every day after school, so always ask for help if you need it- that’s what we’re here for!

Good luck!

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