Friday June 14, 2013

Cayley & Sons: a 360 degree view

The ‘Cayley & Son’ exhibition at Mosman Library in April was a big hit. Now you can tour the exhibition virtually, with these remarkable 360 degree panoramas by Peter Murphy.

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Wednesday April 10, 2013

It is a laughing matter

The long-awaited publication of a book on two of Australia’s most renowned bird artists Neville Henry Cayley and his son, Neville William Cayley was launched at Mosman Library on Monday 8 April 2013 to an enthusiastic crowd of art and bird lovers.

Presented in a fun way as an interview with the author, Penny Olsen and Cayley collector, David Crane we were given an evocative peak into the lives of these two men.

We also opened the exhibition of Cayley paintings which fascinated and intrigued the audience. And as I wandered around the exhibition I heard stories of people growing up with much loved Cayley birds on the wall, of Cayley art rolled up in the bottom of wardrobes, of Cayley prints purchased that turned out to be originals and originals that turned out to be prints!

To celebrate the book the library gathered many works by Cayley & Son borrowed from private collections. There are even works by Cayley Snr’s copyist Tom Flower and we invite you to pick the differences!

Also on view is an amazing collection of ephemeral material including postcards, playing cards, Christmas cards and booklets such as those commissioned by the petroleum company Shell in the 1930s.

These art works have not been on public exhibition before and will never be exhibited together again. So it is a rare opportunity not to be missed.

These paintings are on view until 20 April 2013.

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Thursday March 28, 2013

Cayley & Son: a celebration

Cockatoo and koala (left) by Neville Henry Cayley. Neville William Cayley (centre) with example (right) of his work. Courtesy National Library of Australia.

We are very fortunate to have such a variety of unique vibrant flora, ingenious fauna and colourful birdlife. A stroll through the harbourside parks in Mosman still reveals these wonderful specimens which have survived the onslaught of urbanisation.

Undoubtedly this could not be the case without the dedication of conservationists, over the decades, who realizing the significance of our native gems have lectured on, written about and painted these rare plants and animals.

Mosman Library has the privilege of hosting the Sydney launch of a long awaited book on two significant artists and conservationists: Cayley & Son: the life and art of Neville Henry Cayley and Neville William Cayley by Penny Olsen and published by the National Library of Australia.


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Tuesday March 5, 2013

Library News & Views, Autumn 2013

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Monday February 25, 2013

History pinned

Last summer I saw founder Nick Stanhope introduce Historypin to Australian users at the Powerhouse Museum, and Mary-Lou Byrne subsequently selected some Local Studies images to pin to the map (Weddell’s record shop is worth a gander next time you’re walking towards Mosman Junction). Last week Jon Voss, one of Historypin’s Directors, spoke at a users group meetup at the Powerhouse.

Although aimed at individuals – Historypin was built to spark conversations across the generations – Jon said there were now 1,000 institutions taking part in the pinning.

Some have been very active, like the State Library of NSW, who have mapped more than 800 photos. The bulk of these were uploaded during a successful 12 week trial of the site. Mylee Joseph’s team coordinated the project and you can read more about it in The social life of photographs: where, when and what happened?

The benefit for the user walking Sydney is that they can see historic photos from the State Library’s collection, but also those of State Records NSW and and smaller, local collections (like Mosman Library). The ability to see multiple archives in one place is very powerful.

The most interesting and inspiring use case was presented by The Benevolent Society, Australia’s oldest charity, who are celebrating 200 years in 2013. Their community are mapping their story with Historypin but in a way, The Benevolent Society have been doing this offline for many years. They advocate reminiscence therapy through photo books and shared stories to help, for example, those with dementia and their families.

As we’ve learnt with the Mosman Great War project, people love to do detective work on historic photographs, and Historypin have worked with the Imperial War Museum recently to experiment with crowdsourcing and ‘The Participatory Museum’ concept.

Jon also pointed to The Abolitionist Map of America that accompanies a PBS documentary:

Watch Map History With Us! on PBS. See more from American Experience.

Historypin really comes into its own on a smartphone in situ, and the iPhone app has been improved significantly. It’s a free download. Unfortunately, says Jon, the Android version is still lagging behind in terms of functionality and usability, but it’s a known problem that’s being tackled. And Windows Phone owners, you are not left out.

With a now-bulging Local Studies Digital Archive we hope to pin more Mosman photos to the map, and hope you do too.

Mosman Library’s channel on Historypin

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Wednesday January 9, 2013

Mosman Library on demand

Taking a cue from iView and other on demand TV stations, here are some recent Mosman Library videos you may have missed! Subscribe to Mosman Council’s YouTube channel for these and more.

The Lost Diggers: Ross Coulthart at Mosman Library

Michael Leunig – The Lot: In Words

Caroline Jones – An Authentic Life: Finding Meaning and Spirituality in Everyday Life

Flying the Southern Cross: Michael Molkentin & John Ulm at Mosman Library

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Tuesday December 4, 2012

Library News & Views, Summer 2012/2013

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Tuesday September 11, 2012

Library News & Views, Spring 2012

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Friday September 7, 2012

Stepping out in style

Clothes say a lot about who we are and what we do and since the introduction of photography in the 19th century we have closely observed and copied what others are wearing.

‘Mosman Dresses Up’, one of the many events associated with History Week, is a wonderful glimpse into how locals dressed for work, rest and play.

Featured are families dressed for the traditional portrait shot; the first Mosman Football team in stylish jerseys in 1890; Mosman Primary girls in demure Edwardian dresses; a 1930s Mosman Musical Society ballet troupe in satin and silk costumes; a group of five elegantly dressed women at the opening of the Mosman Library in 1952.

These and more can be seen alongside fabulous studio portraits of Archibald Mosman, his wife Harriet and children dating from 1860.

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Friday June 8, 2012

Donation of Books to Mudanjiang Library, China

In May 2012, Mosman Council’s General Manager Viv May, and Mosman resident Murray Block visited the city of Mudanjiang in Heilongjiang province, northern China. During the visit they presented 35 books to the Mudanjiang Public Library.

The books, in both Chinese and English, were selected by Mosman Library staff and funded by Mosman Council staff donations and fundraising activities. They are housed in a special ‘Mosman’ section of the Library and are very much appreciated and enjoyed by the local community. They cover a wide range of topics relating to Australia including art, travel, biography, pictorial works of Australian landscapes, animals and the environment, history, Australian novels and poetry translated into Chinese, and some classic Australian children’s books.

Mosman Council has maintained a friendship agreement with Mudanjiang since 1998. Examples of this friendly and productive relationship include cultural exchange visits, the Mudanjiang Girl Child Education Project (contributions from local residents and Council staff to the education costs of girls), the donation of computers to local schools and books to the Mudanjiang Public Library (since 2007, more than 100 books have been donated).

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